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Sacro Premium

The Sacro Premium is ideal for most vehicles and body types McCarty’s Sacro-Ease® Sacro Premium is no ordinary lumbar support.  Designed and patented by an Orthopedic Surgeon, it is designed for...
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Sacro Wedge

The Sacro Wedge is ideal for seats with seat pans that cannot be adjusted to a neutral position McCarty’s Sacro-Ease® Sacro Wedge takes all of the benefits of the Sacro...
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Sacro Low Profile

The Sacro Low Profile is ideal for tall body types and/or vehicles with limited headroom McCarty’s Sacro-Ease® Sacro Low Profile replaces the 1” memory foam in the seat of the...
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Sacro Deluxe

The Sacro Deluxe is ideal for those with sensitive tailbones McCarty’s Sacro-Ease® Sacro Deluxe takes all of the benefits of the Sacro Standard and adds a coccyx cutout to the...