Why Sacro-Ease?


Many chairs, including auto and truck seats, may cause incorrect sitting posture. lmproper support in these chairs and seats can result in “slumping” which causes bowing of the spine, increases pressure in the lumbar region, and puts additional strain on nerve roots and ligaments. Low back discomfort is often the result. Individuals required to sit for long periods of time often suffer this discomfort. They include travelers, long-distance commuters, auto, truck, and taxi drivers, office workers, law enforcement officers, and persons using wheelchairs.

The principal benefit of SACRO-EASE is that it helps correct poor sitting posture by providing firm, yet comfortable, support under the hips and behind the back. The pelvis and back are held upright in a natural position as shown in the diagram below. Additionally, for drivers, fatigue is often reduced.

SACRO-EASE support is provided by rubber supports stretched over steel frames. The elastic support on the seat portion of the unit distributes the individual’s weight over the cushion, preventing the hips from sinking into the seat, and holding the spine erect. The seat portion is the most important component of the unit since it lifts the body up out of the slumped position.

The elastic support in the backrest portion of the unit provides support for the lumbar region of the spine, This support is enhanced by fitting (bending) the backrest so that the rubber support lists into the small of the back and helps prevent it from bowing outwards. Thus, the backrest comfortably cradles the back to help provide vertical and lateral stabilityThe SACRO-EASE backrest is custom fitted so that it adapts to the contour of each individual’s back, The bend can be raised or lowered and made more shallow or deeper as desired. Simple instructions for correct bending are printed on the product label.

All materials used in SACRO-EASE are of the llnest quality to provide many years of service, even under rigorous industrial applications. The durable woven cover material is available in rich shades of black, brown, blue, gray charcoal, light brown, and red. Leatherettes in the same colors are available on a special order basis.

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